If I had a dollar (I know the cliché says nickel but inflation…) for every time people have asked me why I teach, I’d be able to retire before 85. I’ve often wondered if people in other occupations get that question. I try to imagine plumbers or beauticians or grocers being asked that. Why are teachers singled out for it? I don’t know. Sadly enough – for those asking – I can’t answer either.

Asking me why I teach is like asking me why I breathe. My mom says that as soon as I could walk I lined my dolls up and jabbered at them. My aunts were teachers. Is there a genetic link? I’ve even tried not to teach. When my boys were small, I took a break from teaching. I started a writer’s group and began to “teach” writers. I joined a creative team and worked with actors “teaching” drama and production skills. When my boys were older, I returned to it.

Teaching is my passion. How do you ever question that? My oldest got to meet a childhood hero when he was doing his internship at a TV station in Oklahoma City. Joe Montana came on to be interviewed. Patrick got his picture taken with Joe, and I asked him that important question. Did you or anyone ask him why he played football? I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

I teach because I’m a teacher.



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2 responses to “Greetings!

  1. Icis Mariee

    You are my favorite teacher Miss Allen 🙂

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